Yoga Collaborative / Community Center

We are thrilled about the opportunity to work on the new Yoga Collaborative / Community Center in Springfield! What an amazing asset this will be to our community! Their mission statement is as follows:

Springfield Yoga Collaborative

 The growth of urban gardens has changed the way we think about access to food in urban communities. The mission of the Springfield Yoga Collaborative is to expand this access to all aspects of health and wellness. Located in the heart of the urban core, at 1101 N. Main, the Collaborative will house a café offering a full array of healthy food and drinks. We will also have two studio spaces that will provide a wide variety of yoga classes, from beginner to advanced programs for all ages and life situations, along with related classes such as meditation, tai chi and specialized courses for dancers and athletes. The Collaborative will function as a community hub, a place where people from all walks of life can meet to exercise, eat, or simply enjoy the verdant space surrounding our historic building. We will dedicate space to the display of work by local artists. Our outdoor patio will have an extensive garden, and part of the land will be dedicated to a community garden where local residents can grow their own food. Located just five minutes from the heart of downtown, with a large parking lot adjacent to the building, the Collaborative will provide young professionals with a healthy place to relax during the workweek. The Collaborative will be equipped with spa-quality bathrooms, allowing clients to stop in for restorative exercise before they continue their workday or get ready to go out to their favorite restaurants in the neighborhoods nearby. In the evenings we will offer a wine bar in the outdoor patio space serving happy hour drinks, as well as a full calendar of events from music to talks and book clubs. At the Collaborative, we believe that health and wellness has to extend from the individual into the community. Our building at 1101 N. Main harmonizes this intention in a beautiful space that contributes to the well being of the community as a whole. To fulfill this larger commitment, we will offer a number of services, from yoga in the park to after school programs for neighborhood youth. This wide array of offerings means that the Collaborative will bring many new customers through Springfield daily, increasing the opportunities for economic revitalization in the area. The Collaborative will be open this summer. To learn more, please visit us at   YOGA COLLABORATIVE WHITE

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