“Architectural Speak”

Have you ever noticed that designers have their own spoken language? They really have their own phases and mannerisms. I must have counted 20 different "kind of"s or "type of"'s in the Rem Koolhaas article I read the other day. "So" is also a big one that has popped up in recent years.  And when you get a bunch of designers in a room talking they tend get deeper and deeper into their own language. This is something, in my practice, that I have tried to steer away from. Not only the little phrases but also the grand pontification that comes with it. My old college roommate used to call it "Architectural Dork Talk" and it's true. Language is for communication and should be used to transmit ideas. I try to speak as clearly and as frank as I can. It doesn't always come out very eloquently but as long as the idea gets across I've succeed.

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