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Bold New City of the South

Sunday, June 27th, 2010
Before I moved back to Jacksonville after graduating from college I looked into what kind of a city Jacksonville would be for a young aspiring architect. I came up with two basic answers. First, I was told that Jacksonville is a lot like Atlanta twenty years ago. Second, it's a more or less conservative city. After having lived here for five or six years, I think that there are some truths and some falsehoods to those statements. Jacksonville, for a long time, has teetered on the "Big town" precipice. Indeed it is a large city, but with a small town mentality. I think that this mix has served it in some ways and held it back in others. As to the conservative nature of Jacksonville, I would certainly say that there is a vein of counter culture running right down the middle of the county, a lot like our St. Johns River. I think it helps us to have this diversity and it keeps us fresh. Jacksonville is a city in progress, and that's great for an architect. It's a friend, It's family, It's my home.